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How’s Your Summer Soundtrack Treating You?

Yesterday marked the official beginning of summer! But we’ve already been hearing those warm-weather sounds. From lawn mowers to motorcycles to jet skis to outdoor concerts and fireworks, summer  always has its own soundtrack. Unfortunately, your summer soundtrack may contribute to … Continue reading

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Social Support Helps Lead to Hearing Success

Questions about hearing aid use often center on technical aspects: How do I change batteries? Are the settings adjusted well for clarity? How is the comfort of the device? All these factors are important, but frequently missed is another line … Continue reading

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Make Hearing Easier for Those with Hearing Loss

Make World Environment Day Your Own June 5 was World Environment Day, a day dedicated to protecting our planet (organized by the United Nations Environment programme). Growing awareness is making more and more of us think about carbon footprint, our use … Continue reading

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The Henry Ford of … Smart Hearing

On the morning of June 4, 1896 Henry Ford took an axe to the doorway of a shed where he had been building his “Quadricycle.” His invention was too wide to fit through the door for the first test drive. … Continue reading

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