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ReSound Hearing Aid Endures 365 Days of Heat, Wind, Snow & Rain and Still Works!

“Wow, ReSound, that’s some totally durable hearing aids you’ve got there!” remarks Spencer Tietjen, Audiologist at Cache Valley ENT in North Logan, UT in a letter to his sales representative. Tietjen goes on to share a story involving one of … Continue reading

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ReSound LiNX FAQs | Audio Streaming & Remote Control Functionality

In the last FAQ post, we answered some frequently asked questions about pairing ReSound LiNX to an Apple device. Today we move on to questions asked about audio streaming and remote control functionality. What audio can I stream to my … Continue reading

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ReSound LiNX FAQs | Compatibility & Pairing

It’s been six months since ReSound LiNX hit the market and it continues to receive fantastic reviews. Professionals and end-users alike have been both emailing and posting to our social media pages about how ReSound LiNX has changed their lives. … Continue reading

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ReSound in the News | A Triumph in Acceptability & Accessibility

How many times have you heard a loved one deny that they’re a little hard of hearing?  At first, you probably smile and let it go.  As the years go by, however, that person’s hearing loss continues to worsen, as … Continue reading

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Au.D. Insights | Lotte Hernvig

        Lotte Hernvig, M.A., is a Principal Audiologist on the ReSound Global Audiology team. How did you first become interested in a career in audiology? As a speech and hearing therapist by education, it was not a … Continue reading

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Community | KUMC Mission Trip to Antigua, Guatemala

In May 2014, ReSound donated 20 hearing aids to the Kansas University Medical Center (KUMC) mission trip to Antigua, Guatemala.  Two graduate audiology students at KUMC, Jamie Broadbent and Cory Johnson, shared their experience of the trip with us: A … Continue reading

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ReSound LiNX – It’s just the greatest thing ever!

“It’s just the greatest thing ever. And the easiest thing!” says Sharon West of New Jersey, about her 11-year-old daughter Grace’s new ReSound LiNX™ hearing aids. Grace is just like any other soon-to-be 6th grader – fun, smart, energetic and … Continue reading

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