A Hearing Aid I Can Use With My iPhone? That’s Just the Beginning…

Mark Palmer is a 64-year-old businessman who has worn hearing aids for almost 20 years. He likely did some damage listening to loud music and chainsaws, along with spending time on manufacturing floors and around small airplanes. His situation is a bit more complicated, however, as he suffered a brain injury when he was young, which has impacted his processing abilities. Consequently, Mark has owned five different hearing aids and has completed 90-day trials with another eight devices.

mark-palmerWith the other hearing instruments he tried, Mark felt that these devices “invited him to withdraw from many things that are important to him: phone conversations, board meetings, dinner with friends….”

“A number of years ago, a prestigious MD told me that my ability to stay involved was a race against technology,” says Mark. “Well, the ReSound LiNXTM hearing aid has just shown that technology is once again ahead of my challenges.”

In two short weeks, ReSound LiNX enabled Mark to have clear telephone conversations, by which he means clear for both the caller and the receiver. “I can listen to music for the first time in almost twenty years. I can watch TV with my wife with the volume set at a reasonable level, with the CC turned off and the ability to chat with her during commercials,” says Mark. “I had quit going to church because I could not hear the service and the music was just noise that caused me to shut my hearing aids off. I went to church a couple of weeks ago – the music was music.”

In a boardroom recently, Mark was able to improve what he heard by adjusting the hearing aid volume, and increasing the amount of bass. He then saved the new setting with the ReSound SmartTM app. “Yesterday, I pulled into the parking lot to join a meeting at the same location. My iPhone asked if I wanted the setting changed to that which I had used here previously. Brilliant! The ReSound LiNX not only prevents my urge to withdraw but also encourages me to join.”

Mark says that “ReSound LiNX is a game-changer for those with hearing challenges and a desire to participate with minimal impact to those around them.” Although nothing can restore his hearing to “normal,” he says that he is more than pleased with his ReSound LiNX experience. “In a few short hours, the ReSound LiNX had improved my ability to communicate, relieved frustrations on the other end of a phone call and allowed my wife and I to attend church and enjoy entertainment together.”

He adds, “and with our voices and volume knobs turned down, my hunch is that our neighbors are pleased as well!”

Thank you for sharing your story Mark!

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      This can be downloaded by anyone as long as they have an iTunes or Google Play account (depending on if they are using an iOS/Apple device or Android device).

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