Tech Tip | Utilizing the Synchronized Acceptance Manager with ReSound LiNX Hearing Instruments in Aventa 3.6

Aventa 3.6 allows users to utilize the Acceptance Manger, a feature that provides changes in gain settings, over a period of time and amount of usage, as determined by the hearing healthcare specialist. This is supported in both the ReSound LiNX 9 and ReSound LiNX 7 hearing instruments. In this month’s Tech Tip, we walk you through how to access and select Acceptance Manager options.

Launch Aventa 3.6
Connect ReSound LiNX Hearing Instruments.

Navigate to the Fit Screen
Select, ‘Acceptance Manager,’ from the left navigation menu.

Make Desired Acceptance Manger selections.
Feature Descriptions

  • Duration
    • From 1 week to 6 months of duration.
  • Average Daily Use
    • From 2 hours to 16 hours usage per day.
  • Preserve Fine-Tuned Gain
    • If checked, will calculate fine-tuning changes made to the current gain settings, into the end point target curves.
  • Synchronize Progress During Use Time
    • Allows the instruments to adapt at the same progress so that they end at the same point.

Visible Starting and Ending Points
Once the Acceptance Manager has been initiated, visible starting (A) and stopping (B) points will be seen in Aventa 3.6. Make any further pertinent programming adjustments, and select, ‘Save.

Follow Up Visits
During follow up visits, once connected in Aventa 3.6, the Adaptation Manager will indicate that adaption is in progress and show an estimation of time remaining, until completion.


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