ReSound LiNX In The Media

Since the launch of our smartest hearing aid, ReSound LiNX, on February 24, we’ve received an outstanding response to the new technology. Audiologists and wearers alike are crazy about LiNX. Even Jimmy Fallon talked about hearing aid/iPhone integration on The Tonight Show during his March 6 monologue.

Here are just a few examples of what the Media is saying about ReSound LiNX.

  • “Can Apple help make hearing aids cool?” (CNN)
  • “Best New Gadgets for the Elderly” (Huffington Post)
  • “ReSound LiNX is like Google Glass for the Ears”. (
  • “A piece of genius……. [ReSound has successfully] pushed hearing aids into the consumer electronics space and the wearable tech space.” (
  • “This could elevate the quality of life of thousands of hearing-impaired owners.” (
  • “[Baby boomers] are into technology and want to be connected.” (Reuters)
  • “If they had had this technology before, I would have gotten hearing aids when I was 40.” (Star Tribune)
  • “Hearing aids just got smarter.” (New York Daily News)
  • I’m surprised it took manufacturers so long to make something so relevant to mobile wearable technology.” (App Developer Magazine)
  • “How much technology can fit in a small package? Quite a bit if the ReSound LiNX is any indication.” (
  • “The hearing-impaired will be able to connect to the world in a way they never thought possible.” (
  • “Wireless stereo headphones that just happen to be your hearing aids.” (PC Magazine)
  • “It’s hard to remember how uncool phones and computers were before Apple reinvented them. Could the technology giant now help to do something similar for hearing aids?” (Sci-Tech Today)
  • “It’s not just a miniature in-ear device to help Grandpa hear Grandma. It’s compatible with Apple’s mobile devices.” (Sci-Tech Today)
  • “People wait in long lines and even camp out to get their hands on new Apple devices as soon as they’re available. But they drag their feet, sometimes for years, when it comes to purchasing another piece of technology that could greatly improve their lives: hearing aids.” (CNN)
  • “The association with Apple is going to make a great difference in getting people in the door in the first place.” (CNN)


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