Maintaining Pairings of LiNX Instruments at Follow-Ups

Note (8/26/2014): Recent updates to the Aventa software eliminate the need to maintain pairings at follow-up appointments.

By Mandi Chambless

When reconnecting LiNX hearing aids to the Aventa software to make adjustments at your patient’s follow up, it is important to follow these steps to ensure that the LiNX hearing aids stay paired to your patient’s Apple devices:

Connect the hearing aids to the Aventa software using the standard connection procedures.  Once the aids are connected, click on Instrument and Read.  This will read out the settings from the LiNX hearing aids as well as maintain all pairing to Apple devices.

chambless1If you forget to implement this quick procedure while in the software, it is simple to re-pair the hearing aids once disconnected from Aventa.  You will know the hearing aids have disconnected from the Apple device if the hearing aid name is black when you view it under Settings-General-Accessibility-Hearing Aids.

There is no need to open and close the battery doors.  Simply tap the hearing aid name and it will turn blue and a checkmark will appear to the left of the hearing aid name.  You will then get the pairing prompt (one per hearing aid). Click Pair on each prompt and give the device 20-30 seconds to upload the new info and refresh the native control.


When the all the info is displayed properly in the info screen (which you can access by clicking the lowercase i encased in a circle to the right of the hearing aid name), your hearing aids have been re-paired to the apple device.


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