Tech Tip | Replacing One Hearing Instrument of a Binaural Fit when Connecting only the Replacement Instrument

In Aventa, our latest version of fitting software, there is a connection scenario that requires a cabled setup. When an initial binaural fit has occurred, and one of the original instruments is replaced while the other original instrument is not present, you should set up a cabled connection.

  • Airlink Connection Scenario
    (Otherwise, launch Aventa 3.6 and go to the step for “Interface Selection.”)

    • If you are already in an Aventa 3.6 Airlink connection scenario, select, ‘Simulate,’ and ‘Continue.’

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  • Simulation Mode
    • You will now be in simulation mode.
    • Change your setup to a physical cabled connection and select, ‘Connect.’

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  • Interface Selection
    • Select a new interface and, ‘Connect.’

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  • New Instrument Identification
    • Aventa 3.6 will identify the new instrument.
    • For the instrument that is not currently present, select, ‘Simulate,’ and select, ‘Continue.’

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  • Possible Configuration Mismatch
    • If there is a configuration mismatch, choose what was saved in the database, and select, ‘Continue.’

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  • Aventa Fit Screen
    • Now the replacement instrument is connected and active, while the other hearing instrument is in simulation.

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  • Save Option 1
    • If you plan to keep the replacement instrument, select, ‘Save.’ This will save the data to both the hearing instrument and database.

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  • Save Option 2
    • If the replacement hearing instrument is temporary, you can select, ‘Summary,’ and choose the option to save to, “Hearing instrument only.’ This keeps the original binaural fit as the last saved session in the database.

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