WOW, This Could Be Really Big

And it is.  As we roll out ReSound LiNXTM, the feedback we’re getting is incredible.

Bob Turney, Patient
“I’m extremely pleased with the relationship you guys have developed with Apple on this. This is just going to make these things outstanding. As soon as I heard that they were going to connect with the iPhone, I just thought, wow, this could be really big.”

Ken Smith, Hearing Center of Castro Valley
Mar 25 Post“It gives you so much more flexibility with what you can do with your own hearing aids without physically manipulating your hearing aid. So, using my iPhone, which I’m going to be using everyday anyway, I can now make adjustments for the directionality of sound, the overall loudness of sound, etc….. My wife and I were kidding around this morning; she was standing in the waiting room of our office on the remote setting of the iPhone, talking from there to me back in the back room. Blew my mind, absolutely amazing. It will make a big difference…… If I had one word to describe LiNX, I would say wow. It’s really, really, really different. And, I’m excited about it, not only wearing it but offering the technology to our patients. That’s what it boils down to.”

Joe Tada, Patient
[Looking at his iPhone] “I’ll probably start using this thing a whole lot more!  When I first put them on, they were just absolutely amazing in terms of the audio quality over the last set I had.”

Beth Erlich, Hearing Center of Castro Valley
“I’ve been wearing them for the last couple of hours. And, for the first time EVER, I don’t know they’re there….. Responses we’ve had today from patients that have tried it have been phenomenal….. People are walking out with grins on their faces that I haven’t seen in years on these people.”

James McGough, Patient
Mar 27 Post“It just immediately links to the device and you get this incredibly clear sound, as if you’re wearing headphones but without any of that inconvenience. I think the functionality I’ll use the most, with either the iPhone or the iPad, is either going to be phone calls or music.  It could also be for movies… ….. I guess what surprised me the most, and shouldn’t really surprise me anymore these days, is just the ease with which you can use the ReSound LiNX device with the iPhone or iPad. It’s just hard to over-emphasize it. It’s just incredibly simple.”

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