Mission to Rediscover Sound

ReSound began working with Help America Hear, a program created by the Foundation for Sight and Sound, back in 2010. Since then, we have provided 836 hearing aids to patients in need, and collaborated with 191 hearing care professionals to provide fitting services.

On March 25, 2014, in collaboration with Help America Hear, we will hold a mission in Orlando, Florida, during the AudiologyNOW! convention hosted by the American Academy of Audiologists.  As the largest gathering in the World for audiologists, this convention provides a great opportunity to service people in need in the Orlando area.

25 people have been selected as “in need” based on the criteria specified by the program. They will be fitted with ReSound hearing aids, free-of-charge, during the convention.

  • Otometrics Audiology Systems will provide the Real-Ear Verification System
  • ReSound Global Audiology will provide fitting support
  • Karen Butler, Orlando Hearing Care Professional, will provide support to patients after the mission

ReSound was also involved in selecting the 2013 Help America Hear Scholarship Winner.  Jordyn Fruth received $1,000 from Help America Hear to be used towards tuition, along with ReSound Verso 9 hearing aids. Learn more about Jordyn’s story.

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