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Tips for Getting to Know a New Hearing Aid

Over 500 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss, whether due to aging or from long-term exposure to loud noises, many people develop a need for hearing aids. Hearing aids increase our ability to communicate and be active in the … Continue reading

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Tech Tip | Aventa 3.5: Switching a Hearing Instrument Fit from One Ear to Another using Airlink

This month’s Tech Tip continues to discuss Aventa 3.5’s connection flow; this time related to moving a hearing instrument assigned to one ear, over to the other. There may be times, when working with Aventa 3.5, that you perform a … Continue reading

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The World’s Smartest Hearing Aid

That’s what the Media is saying about ReSound LiNX, the World’s very first Made for iPhone hearing aid.   Hipplay blogger, Jarred Szabadi, says LiNX “is the greatest device to be showcased at CES2014” and “ReSound is redefining the hearing aid.” … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Comparison Program

Setting up a Copy of an Existing Program We have all been there.  Your patient has complaints about a program but you can’t determine exactly what adjustment will resolve the issue.  So you make some changes and cross your fingers … Continue reading

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Clearing Up Confusion About iPhone Devices and Hearing Aids

By Jennifer Groth There has been much buzz in the media recently regarding “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, much of it generated by ReSound’s participation in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where ReSound LiNX was introduced to a … Continue reading

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Interview with Communication Advocate, Debbie Lousberg

Debbie Lousberg is an advocate for effective communication in the workplace – with hearing loss or not. She consults and speaks regularly to business professionals and her program, Everyone Wants to Hear You, is an accredited program for healthcare professionals … Continue reading

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Your Ears – A Balancing Act

As we all know, our ears play an important role in how we communicate and interact with the world, but they also play a part in how we maintain our body’s balance. The balance system or the vestibular system is … Continue reading

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