If Santa Were An Audiologist

hearing-aid-santa-hatsWith the holiday season upon us, how would Santa Claus’ job change if he happened to be an audiologist or hearing care professional as well?  Let us know if you have anything to add to the list!

  • He would use his sound meter to ensure safe decibel levels of all sleigh bells
  • When tape was in short supply, he would direct the elves to use battery stickers to wrap presents
  • He would require elves working with toy-building machinery to wear ear protection specifically designed for pointy ears
  • He would leave pamphlets in children’s stockings entitled, “So Grandma Gave You Ear Buds, Let’s Talk About Volume”
  • Before climbing back up the chimney, he would stop by the house medicine cabinet and remove all Q-tips
  • Mrs. Claus would never find herself asking Santa to turn down the T.V., because he is a strong advocate of streamers
  • In the event he momentarily lost his balance on a rooftop, he would consider the possibility of Meniere’s Disease, not an ice patch, as the cause
  • If Rudolph was unavailable, he would use his otoscope to guide the reindeer through snowy skies

Have a happy holiday season from all of us at ReSound!

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