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mandi-chamblessBy Mandi Chambless, Au.D.

Did you know that in order to get optimal performance from hearing aid batteries, it is important to tell your patients to let the batteries “breathe”  for one minute once the sticker has been peeled off before inserting the batteries  into their hearing aids? Zinc air batteries are activated by oxygen that passes through small holes as well as a filter.  The absorption of the oxygen is slow, thus for optimal performance as well as a longer battery life it is important to allow significant exposure of the battery to oxygen before use.

In addition, if your patient uses our Unite Accessories, it is beneficial to inform them that fresh batteries will always provide them with an optimal streaming experience. This does not mean that they have to use a new battery each time they activate streaming but it is important to make them aware that when using wireless accessories the current is significantly increased, thus reducing battery life.   If you have a patient that complains of intermittent accessories, we recommend that you counsel the patient about the possible need to change their hearing aid batteries a little more frequently.

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2 thoughts on “TeleAssist Tip of the Month”

  1. I am getting LiNX aids next week, but have a question concerning rechargeable batteries. My wife has a Rexton battery charger that is so very easy to use. She places her hearing aids in it each night and they are ready to go the next morning.
    I understand that Resound no longer makes rechargeable devices. But do you think it would be possible to use the Siemens or Rexton rechargers with the LiNX aids? Or are they strictly device specific?

    1. Hi Harold, we’re excited to hear that you’re getting your ReSound LiNX! Unfortunately the ReSound LiNX do not work with rechargers such as those. If you have further questions, please let us know! We hope you enjoy your new hearing aids!

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