Honduras Mission – An Audiologist’s Journey

Honduras1213Audiologist Melissa Lowe from St. Louis, Missouri, had the opportunity to help the people of Honduras. She shares her inspiring journey with us today.

My name is Melissa Lowe and I am an Audiologist in the St. Louis area.  I recently had the opportunity to partake in a medical mission trip to Honduras.  It was the most amazing, difficult, and emotional trip I have experienced thus far.

The “ENT Brigade” usually tries to make two trips a year if possible; one in February and the other in November.  Funded by the International Medical Assistance Foundation, each member of the team works on getting as many supplies as possible donated.  Since we have been serving the people of Honduras for approximately 15 years, we have accumulated some equipment and supplies which stay all year in a storage room until the next brigade returns.

The Hospital Santo Hermano Pedro located in Catacamas is a newer medical facility and is known for hosting several different groups of medical professionals throughout the year. When a brigade is coming, word is spread through radio announcements, word of mouth, and fliers.   People will travel extreme distances by bus, foot, car, horse, etc. in order to be seen.  They arrive early in the morning and proceed through registration.  The people are then sent to the clinic to wait for the doctor or audiologist.  Most people will wait all day and will never complain.  They would enter the room with a smile, thankful for any service provided.

The whole journey was humbling.  The overwhelming gratitude and patience the Honduran people exhibited was staggering.  Today Americans live in a world driven by technology and the need for instant gratification.  If we just stop for one second and look at the world around us, I believe we can learn so much from those who live simply.

Check back December 20th for more on Dr. Lowe’s mission trip.

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