Moments Spotlight – Dr. Kerry Ormson

Dr. Kerry Ormson is an audiologist at Ormson Hearing Health Care in Amarillo, TX.  He recently shared this “moment” with us.

My patient, Bob, came to me two weeks ago almost in tears. He suffers from tinnitus. Doctors have told him the usual, “there’s nothing you can do about it, just live with it.” He came in as a last resort, he said. He stated that he sleeps about two hours a night and when the ringing starts he gets out of bed and just cries and prays. I fitted him with Verso TS and his eyes teared up when I finished the fitting. He said the ringing was almost gone. “What did you do?” he asked.

I saw him yesterday and he grabbed my hand and shook it and said, “thank you, I am now sleeping all night and have started to exercise and feel like my old self!” His wife gave me a hug and said, “thank you for giving me my husband back!”

This is one of many, many patients that are very happy with ReSound hearing aids. I echo that sentiment!

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