TeleAssist: A New Fit Assist and Training Tool from Resound

mandi-chamblessBy Mandi Chambless, Au.D.

TeleAssist is available to help you with fitting and follow-up assistance as well as training.  If you have a patient that is coming in to your office that you know you may need help with, email me to get scheduled and I will block off an hour appointment to be available in case you need me.  At the scheduled time, I will be standing by waiting for your call, should you need assistance.  If the appointment is going well and my services are not needed, there is no need to call me. But regardless, I am waiting by the phone in case an issue arises.  You can call me at any time during your scheduled appointment hour. You also have the option to call prior to your appointment and keep me on hold until needed.  There will be no wait time and no need to be put on hold since you are on my calendar.  Remember, TeleAssist is first come, first serve so if you think you may want to schedule some time with me, email me as soon as possible to get on my calendar.

You also have the option of allowing me to remotely access your computer in order for me to view your Aventa software live from my computer. From there, I can help make suggestions as to the adjustments that need to be made.  Here’s the link that you will need to download prior to our appointment time to allow remote access capability.  The download only takes a couple of minutes and you will only have to complete the download once.

I am also available for software and product training over the phone.  If you need a refresher or would like to learn some fitting and troubleshooting tips, email me and we will set up a time to answer any questions you might have.

Here are some scenarios where practices have reached out and already booked appointments:

  1. I placed an order today for a very high profile patient and I need to ensure all goes well.
  2. My first ReSound fitting is coming up and it would be great to know I can get through to someone if I need help.
  3. I’m fitting my first tinnitus device and could use a refresher on how to set the TS portion.
  4. I’m not nearly as confident with the accessories.  I have a gadget guy who ordered almost all of them. HELP!
  5. I fit an engineer yesterday and he’s already called with a ton of questions. I’d like to have someone available in case he needs more technical answers.
  6. I’ve got my first Verso fitting coming up and would like to run through the fitting and accessory pairing before the patient comes in.

If you plan on contacting me to schedule an appointment, please provide the following information in order for me to better serve you:

  1. Date, time and time zone that you will be needing my assistance.
  2. If the appointment is for fit (or follow up) assist, which aid/accessories we will be working with?
  3. If the appointment is for follow up assist, any specific issues that the patient has experienced?
  4. If the appointment is for training purposes, what you would find most beneficial to focus on?

Given the fact that I spend the majority of my day on the phone, I have found that the best way to contact me to schedule an appointment is via email.  You will find my contact information is listed below. I look forward to working with you soon!

Mandi Chambless
AuDTeleAssist Audiologist
800.248.4327 x8694

Mandi Chambless, Au.D., received her B.S. in Communication Disorders from Southwest Texas State University in 2002 and went on to receive her Doctorate in Audiology from the University of North Texas in 2006. After her graduate studies, Mandi worked as a dispensing audiologist in various clinical settings. She was a Consumer Outreach Audiologist for ReSound for three years before becoming lead audiologist at a private practice. Mandi recently returned to ReSound to work as a TeleAssist Audiologist. Her background is in diagnostics, hearing aids, vestibular testing, and patient education.

Learn more about TeleAssist from ReSound.

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