Tech Tip | Performing a Factory Restore on Alera Hearing Instruments in Aventa 3.5

With the release of the Phone Clip+, users now have the flexibility of connecting with Bluetooth devices, use of the Resound Control app, as well as the remote control capability on the unit itself. This multi-capable accessory provides users’ with a great deal of benefit, and is compatible with both Verso and Alera wireless devices.

The Phone Clip+ has direct pairing functionality with both wireless Verso instruments, as well as  any wireless Alera, with a serial number greater than 1286555398. For those wireless Alera devices with earlier serial numbers, you have two options:

  1. Pair the Alera hearing instrument with a remote control (may be a stock remote control in your office), prior to pairing it with the Phone Clip+, or
  2. Manually upgrade your hearing instruments to the latest software package using a Factory Restore option in Aventa 3.5

The steps below take you through how to manually upgrade an Alera hearing instrument in Aventa 3.5.

Step 1: Cabled Connection in Aventa 3.5:

  • You must have a cabled connection to perform a Factory Restore
  • Confirm you have fresh batteries in your hearing instruments,  the correct cabled setup, and
  • That you have Aventa 3.5 installed on your computer

Step 2: Launch Aventa 3.5

Step 3: You do not need to perform an initial connection sequence to run a Factory Restore.

  • Once in Aventa 3.5, directly from the top menu, select, ‘Instrument,’ and ‘Restore Factory Settings.’

November Tech Tip Screen Shot 1
Step 4:
In the, ‘Restore to Factory Settings,’ screen, note that you will have to run a restore on each instrument individually. Perform the following steps for each hearing instrument:

  • In the top drop down, choose, ‘Full Restore (with latest firmware)’
  • Select the appropriate instrument side
  • Confirm the correct programming interface
  • Select, ‘Proceed to Full Restore.’

November Tech Tip Screen Shot 2
Step 5: Factory Restore Progress Bars

  • While the restore is active, it will display progress bars and message updates.

November Tech Tip Screen Shot 3November Tech Tip Screen Shot 4

  • When the restore is complete, Aventa 3.5 will take you back to the ‘Restore to Factory Settings screen,’ with a message, ‘Successfully restored to factory settings for right (or left) instrument.

November Tech Tip Screen Shot 5
Step 6: Either choose the other instrument side and perform the Full Restore again, or if restore is complete, select, ‘Close.’

November Tech Tip Screen Shot 6
Step 7: Once you have closed out of the Restore to Factory Settings option, your instrument is disconnected. You may now re-connect, either maintaining the cabled setup, or switching over to Airlink, proceed with your fit and directly pair with the Phone Clip+.

November Tech Tip Screen Shot 7

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