Tech Tip – Aventa 3.5 New Connection Flow

With our recent expansion of Verso products, ReSound has released Aventa 3.5. This latest version of software offers a new series of connection sequences for initial fits, instrument reconfiguration and follow up visits. This month’s tech tip focuses on the ease of connecting only one hearing instrument, of an original binaural fit.

Step 1: Launch Aventa 3.5 from your last saved session.

Step 2: Select, “Connect,” confirming correct interface is selected.

Oct Tech Tip Screen Shot 1

Step 3: Aventa 3.5 will notify you that an instrument is not found. Select, “Simulate,” for the instrument not currently connected and then, “Continue.”

Oct Tech Tip Screen Shot 2

Step 4: Make any pertinent changes to hearing instrument currently connected.

October Tech Tip Screen Shot 3

Step 5: Select, “Save,” and exit Aventa 3.5.

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