Participate in a Virtual Think-Tank

ThinkTankDo you have questions that you’d love to ask other hearing healthcare professionals?  Perhaps you have some great tips to share with others?  Here’s your opportunity to participate in a virtual audiology think-tank hosted by ReSound.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Let us know if you would be interested in sitting on the panel as a “virtual panelist”
  2. Submit any questions you have for your peers to ReSound at
  3. ReSound will published a list of all panelists, including a link to their practice’s website and a brief bio
  4. ReSound will send out the questions to each panelist, who can reply by email at his/her convenience
  5. We’ll publish the Q & A over at (probably in a number of segments)
  6. You can feel free to use this Q & A on your own blogs, Facebook or Twitter pages (just remember to include a link to the post on

So, who’s in?  Email us at

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1 Response to Participate in a Virtual Think-Tank

  1. nice to read this sort of blog, interesting things..

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