Kudos to ReSound Customer Care

Last week, we celebrated Customer Service Week to show our appreciation to the ReSound Customer Care Department.  Today, we share some of the notes we’ve received from customers offering kudos to our remarkable staff.

“I had to call customer service about a patient. I spoke with a lady named Pattie. I have to tell you she gave me the best customer service I think I have had in the 15 years I have been selling hearing aids! She went over and above and my patient is so happy. I know sometimes when people do good they don’t always get a pat on the back…well she did great!”
-Paula Jackson, Beaufort Ent & Allergy

“Thank you Kerry…you are awesome! Have a great evening!”
-Dr. Lorin S. Oden, Hearing Solutions of NC

“I just wanted you to know that Nigh has been exceptionally helpful. It’s so much easier for me to email requests, and he has been prompt and has followed through on everything. His help is much appreciated.”
-Travis, Santa Cruz ENT

“Thank you Laura. And thank you for having my order rushed!!! That was awesome getting it today. Keep up the excellent work and customer service!!”
-Judd Palmer, Freedom Hearing Center

“My name is Barbara Beck and I just wanted to inform you of the excellent customer service I get with Sherri Stoneback. She always knows my voice on the phone and is kind enough to inquire about my family in a very professional way. If I am not rushed for time she listens through my tales of my husband and (now adult) daughters, showing empathy and concern for all of our well-being/ Conversely, she is still extremely efficient and an excellent time manager. I can always count on her getting my orders right the first time.
Sherri is always respectful, kind and courteous – she seems to never have a bad day! I always get a confirmation call, even when I have to leave her a voice message.
I believe people are too quick to point out poor service and not honor good service, so I felt it important to tell you how truly thankful I am for Sherri as my customer service rep at Resound.”
-Barbara Roe Beck Au. D., CCC-A, Hill Country Hear, Nose and Throat

“This is Trish from Concept Hearing…and I just want to call in regards to Donna Reick. She is awesome, she goes above and beyond for us, and I just really enjoy working with her. So I just wanted to let you know how much she is greatly, greatly appreciated.”
-Trish, Concept by Iowa

“Paul is by far the most kind, helpful and courteous customer service rep that I deal with on a regular basis. He always goes the extra mile in his professionalism. He is so friendly and nice each and every time that I speak with him. Does he ever have a bad day??  🙂  If he does, he has never once projected that in his tone of voice or choice of words.
I just feel that in a world of people who are stressed, over-worked and underpaid, a person like Paul is a rare find. I just wanted to let you know how valuable of an employee like that is and GN ReSound should count their blessings to have Paul be a part of your team!
-Beth Witex, Midland Office Manager

“Laura has been very professional, helpful and has a great attitude! Laura has helped our office grow in many ways and we appreciate her efforts! Thanks Laura!!”
-Ryan and Dan, Absolute HAC

“I just needed to take a minute to tell you about Lena.  Seriously, no matter what I need that girl is there.  Whether it is a big deal for a patient or just something small I need to make my life easier she takes care of it.  She gives me a confirmation number with everything…. I don’t think anyone has ever forwarded that information to me!!!  And I don’t think she is ever in a bad mood.  I am always just a little happier when I hang up the phone with her.”
-Michael Rametta MS, Rametta Audiology & Hearing Aid Center

“I have a patient who is very happy in the way Patty in Customer Service helped her out!  The patient’s hearing aid went through an MRI so the programming was “zapped”. One hearing aid was still in warranty and she authorized a Courtesy Repair on the other.  My patient would like to send her a thank you note. I told her I would get that info and let her know who she could send it to.  Thank you for all you do for us! Everyone at ReSound is great!”
-Nell Wilson, Audio Recovery

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4 thoughts on “Kudos to ReSound Customer Care”

  1. I have been a Resound customer for 25 years and I have always been so well taken care of by the customer care department! It’s like an extension of my office in Minnesota! In most recent years Sherri Stoneback has become an honorary Giraffe Girl at Audicles Hearing Services. I also noticed several references to Pattie and I can only echo those kudos to a women who has returned to the company much to my delight!!
    Jane Watson, Au.D.
    Audicles Hearing Services
    San Antonio, Texas

  2. I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to place a post on this….. I have to tell you that Selena is the most amazing CSR ever! She is always, always in good spirits and goes above and beyond! I can’t tell you the many, many times that she’s saved my behind! It’s so very nice to call in and 9 times out 10 the person answering knows who I am without even asking (that really is a good thing right???? LOL). Everyone is so warm, friendly and helpful – it makes it so easy to work with GNR on so many levels! Selena is my PIC and makes my job so much easier!!!!

  3. We love Selena too! She is always helpful and super knowledgeable. She makes things work for us especially when we are in a pinch. She is ALWAYS cheerful even in her emails. Resound is lucky to have her along with all of the other great customer service representatives. I honestly have never worked with a company that has so many nice people on the other end of my many calls. Keep up the good work=)

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