Customer Service Week

All this week, we’ve been celebrating the great work that our Customer Care Department as been doing over the last year.  We want to recognize those working on the front line – field calls, placing orders and building rapport between ReSound and our customers.

SAMSUNGAs a thank you, we decorated the Customer Care Department and served them breakfast on Monday (which was cooked at the ReSound offices!) Then, on Tuesday, we kept the festivities alive by playing Customer Care Bingo, which was a lot of fun! We had other games too. On Wednesday, we had the Customer Care Challenge, which involved each rep being paired with a partner and they had to complete a number of Customer Service related tasks.

We have also been giving out some ReSound goodies too! We have the t-Shirts that say “Resound” on the front and “I Radiate Pure Awesome” on the back (which everyone should be wearing today), candy, “Think Service” cups and ReSound sweatshirts.  We even had a chocolate fountain for all customer-facing personnel 🙂

Customer Service Week comes to a conclusion today with lunch being brought in for the reps.  All in all, a busy week, but lots and lots of fun!

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