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Lots of News on Hearing Aid Technologies

Anyone who likes to keep up on what’s going on in the world of hearing aid technology will be interested in the October issue of Hearing Review. Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Aventa 3.5 New Connection Flow

With our recent expansion of Verso products, ReSound has released Aventa 3.5. This latest version of software offers a new series of connection sequences for initial fits, instrument reconfiguration and follow up visits. This month’s tech tip focuses on the ease of connecting only one hearing instrument, of an original binaural fit. Continue reading

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Demoing Best Practices

It goes without saying that demoing a hearing aid and its accessories first-hand is a critical component of selling a hearing aid. We have heard from a number of our customers that ReSound technology sells itself, which further emphasizes the importance of the demo. Continue reading

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Participate in a Virtual Think-Tank

Do you have questions that you’d love to ask other hearing healthcare professionals?  Perhaps you have some great tips to share with others?  Here’s your opportunity to participate in a virtual audiology think-tank hosted by ReSound. Here’s how it works: … Continue reading

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The Moments That Really Matter

So much can happen in one Moment. In a Moment, patients are reconnected to the world around them, and reunited with the sounds that matter most. As a Hearing Healthcare Professional, you make these Moments possible everyday and at ReSound, … Continue reading

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Beyond Hearing – Other Functions of the Ear

In humans and animals, the ear actually serves other functions beyond hearing. Echolocation – Some blind people can learn to navigate using echoes of the sounds they make themselves.  That’s why you will see blind people tapping their sticks on … Continue reading

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5 Things We Can Learn from Hearing Loss Research

In the audiology industry, there are certainly many research studies conducted and a lot of interesting points deduced from these studies. Hearing Health Matters recently ran a column on this topic.  Below is a summary of the 5 research outcomes … Continue reading

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10 Things You May Not Know About Your Ears

This October, help us spread awareness about hearing health by sharing this list of interesting facts that everyone should know about their ears. Never put a Q-tip in your ear! Though many of us reach for cotton swabs to remove … Continue reading

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Kudos to ReSound Customer Care

Last week, we celebrated Customer Service Week to show our appreciation to the ReSound Customer Care Department. Today, we share some of the notes we’ve received from customers offering kudos to our remarkable staff. Continue reading

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Customer Service Week

All this week, we’ve been celebrating the great work that our Customer Care Department as been doing over the last year. We want to recognize those working on the front line – field calls, placing orders and building rapport between ReSound and our customers. Continue reading

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