Tech Tip | Adding a Second Hearing Instrument to an Original Monaural Fit in Aventa 3.5

Aventa 3.5 offers users the ability to easily add a second instrument to an original monaural fit. This month’s Tech Tip takes you though the steps using Airlink.

When entering Aventa 3.5, the original monaural instrument will be displayed in simulation. To connect to both an original instrument and an additional second instrument, you will connect the original hearing instrument first, and then add the second.

Step 1

In Aventa 3.5, select, “Connect,” once to connect to first instrument.

image1 image2image3

Step 2

Once the original instrument has been successfully connected, select, “Connect,” again.

This prompts Aventa 3.5 to search for an additional hearing instrument.


Step 3

Select, “Add Instrument,” and “Continue.”


Step 4

Place a check mark next to, “Confirm using Beep,” and select, “Continue.”


Step 5

Make appropriate audiogram selection and choose one of two options.

Option One: The intent is to keep the original hearing instruments settings and recalculate a new fit for the additional instrument.




Option Two: The intent is to recalculate the fit binaurally. Checkmark Recalculate gains and select, “Continue.”




Step 6

Once any indicated programming changes have been made, select, “Save,” and exit Aventa 3.5.



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