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How Industry Can Support Academia

By Erica Koehler, Au.D. Take a moment to imagine all of the professionals that you encountered during your time as a student, and beyond.  Now think of all of the pieces of advice, tricks of the trade, and bits of … Continue reading

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The Little Things We Take for Granted

They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.  That is certainly true with the ability to hear. We hear so often from hearing care professionals and patients how wonderful it is to hear the birds sing or … Continue reading

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Benefits of Being “In The Loop”

Retired attorney, Christine Klessig, began wearing hearing aids 25 years ago and was recently fit with ReSound hearing instruments and wireless accessories. Despite wearing hearing aids for more than a third of her life, it wasn’t until 5 years ago … Continue reading

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Helping America Hear In Joplin, MO

Lindsey Simonin is 18 years old and was born with a hearing disability that was not discovered until she was two years of age. She wears two hearing aids, but her hearing is only 50% in both ears and she … Continue reading

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The Wonders of Modern Technology

Hearing healthcare professionals often comment to us about how inspiring it is to see how much a person’s life can change with digital technology and programming. “I had a patient who had a lot of difficulty understanding speech at church … Continue reading

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