Aventa 3.5 New Connection Flow

With our recent expansion of Verso products, ReSound has released Aventa 3.5. This latest version of software offers a new series of connection sequences for initial fits, instrument reconfiguration and follow up visits. This month’s tech tip focuses on the initial fit setup, including reconfiguring hearing instruments.

Example:  Initial Fit of New Verso 962 DRW Instruments

Aventa 3.5 Start Screen
Tech Tip Image 1 Interface Selection and Connection
Tech Tip Image 2
Airlink: Hearing Instrument Identification Assignments.
(Note: if using HI PRO, Noahlink, or Speedlink, confirm you have the correct cabled setup and proceed to connect.)
Tech Tip Image 3Tech Tip Image 4Device Reconfiguration
Tech Tiip Image 5Directional Environment PromptTech Tip Image 6Continuing to the Fit ScreenTech Tip Image 7

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