Tech Tip – New Verso Product Releases

ReSound has expanded it’s family of products, now offering both the entry level, Verso 5, and the Verso 9 and 7 sound generator products. Both of these hearing instrument lines, as well as Alera, Vea and existing Verso products can be programmed using our newest software release, Aventa 3.5. This month’s Tech Tip is featured in a Q&A style to update you on new products, and recap features on existing Verso hearing instruments.

Q: What hearing instruments are available in the Verso 5 product line?

A: Offering a full family, the Verso 5 includes

  • versoThree BTE’s: VO 588/577/567,
  • Three RIE’s: VO 562/561/560,
  • Microphone-in-helix hearing instruments.
  • Traditional custom hearing instruments,

Q: Does the Verso 5 product line have any D2D capability? What about connectivity to the Unite accessories?

A: Yes, Verso 5 hearing instruments are available in a wide range of options

  • The following products have both D2D and Unite Accessory capability
    • VO 588/77/67/62/61
  • The following products have only Unite Accessory capability
    • VO 550 W/DW/DPW/PW
    • VO 530 MW/MPW/MUW

Q: What D2D options are offered with the Verso 5?

A: Below are the D2D options:

  • Program Synchronization
  • Volume Synchronization
  • Comfort Phone


Q: What hearing instruments are available in the Verso TS product line?

A: The VOT (Verso tinnitus sound generator), is available in both the Verso 9 and 7.

VOT 9 is available in the following models:

  • verso3Three BTE’s: VOT 988/977/967,
  • Three RIE’s: VOT 962/961/960,
  • Microphone-in-helix hearing instruments.
  • Traditional custom hearing instruments,

VOT 7 is available in the following models:

  • verso4Three BTE’s: VOT 788/777/767,
  • Three RIE’s: VOT 762/761/760,
  • Microphone-in-helix hearing instruments.

Q: Do the VOT products have any D2D capability?

A: Yes, in addition to the D2D features available on the standard VO9 and VO7, the VOT products also offer TSG synchronization. D2D features for the VOT 9 and VOT 7are listed below.

  • VOT 9 D2D features include
    • Program Synchronization
    • Environmental Optimizer II
    • Volume Synchronization
    • TSG Synchronization- new with Verso products
    • Binaural Directionality
    • Synchronized Softswitching
    • Comfort Phone


    • VOT 7 D2D features include
      • Program Synchronization
      • Volume Synchronization
      • TSG Synchronization- new with Verso products
      • Synchronized Softswitching
      • Comfort Phone


Q: I’m trying to decide on which Verso to order and I don’t have the product sheets in front of me. Can you remind me of the feature breakdown for each level of technology?

A: Sure, below, in addition to color options, see a comparison sheet, displaying, “Ultimate,” “Advanced,” and “Standard,” options available in each level of technology.


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14 thoughts on “Tech Tip – New Verso Product Releases”

  1. Could you post some tech tips for programing the VOT988-DW power models for musicians that play live music ? The programing features on the power model do not appear quite the same as on other models.

  2. My audiologist wants me to use a Verso 561, saying it is the newest and best product for me from your company. Is that true?

    1. Yes… Verso is the latest technology that is currently available. The recommendation made by your audiologist is based on your specific hearing loss. Your audiologist must think that the RIE model is best for you. There is a 9 and a 5 for the RIE. The 9 is better than the 5, but it costs more.

    1. Hi Thomas, those are the product naming conventions we use for our products. “VOT” means that it is a ReSound Verso TS product (designed for patients with tinnitus). “9” stands for the technology level of the hearing aid and “62” signifies the style. The “drw” signifies that the hearing aid has two directional microphones, is a receiver-in-the-ear style and wireless. If you’re interested in more information about hearing aids, you might want to consider contacting an audiologist near you. We’re also happy to answer any additional questions you may have!

  3. Recently purchased the resound Verso 7 hearing aids, with streamer and remote control. Problem the streamer worked great at first then my audiologist made some changes to program and now the right ear has a crackling or echoing sound. Resound replaced the hearing aid, which didn’t work, then the hearing aid was reprogrammed because resound tech support said the program was corrupt. This has not worked. Don’t know what else to do. Can you offer some help.

      1. Hi William, thank you for contacting ReSound. We’re sorry you’re running into this issue. Does the crackling occur only when you’re streaming or all of the time? If it is just when you are streaming we recommend contacting our Consumer Technical Support either via email ( or by phone (1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1) and they can help troubleshoot. If you hear it all the time, we recommend visiting your hearing care professional again. Your hearing care professional can connect with our Technical Support or Remote Support Audiology teams while you’re there to troubleshoot too. If you have additional questions, please let us know!

  4. Terance McGonigle

    recently purchased Resound Verso 562 RIC worn for about 28days told its latest model, not it’s setup correctly lost of echoing & tinninest can this be right

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