One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

ThanhThanh Diep has been with ReSound for 16 years and works in the Trufit Technical Support department. He recently created the “Finding Nemo” art piece for ReSounds art exhibit.

“My first thought was making Coral reef out of color ear-molds and color shells,” he says, “but all a sudden, the fish came into place and Nemo, Gill and Dory were perfect characters for this art work.”

Finding-NemoThanh spent three days working on this piece. It was made from scrap (extra) ear-molds and shells no longer needed by the Shell Lab. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!” he laughs.

Thanh says the time spent on the art piece was well worthwhile, as he had help from his two daughters (Angela, 14, and Amanda, 10), who also love art and enjoyed gluing the coral reef together. “This process took the longest time since the shells and ear-molds were stacked on top of one another,” he says, “the color sand on the fish was tough too!”



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