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Listen with the Ear of the Heart

The Auburn University Audiology Outreach in Guatemala Project recently completed its fifth annual trip to Guatemala. Over the past five years, their partnership with the Municipality of Guatemala City has grown deeper as they continue to serve the hearing needs … Continue reading

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You Wouldn’t Think It Would Be So Complicated….

By Jennifer Groth The cartoon character from the future, George Jetson, was transported to work in a flying vehicle with all kinds of navigational aids and traffic alerts. The family home was managed with the help of a housecleaning robot, … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – New Verso Product Releases

ReSound has expanded it’s family of products, now offering both the entry level, Verso 5, and the Verso 9 and 7 sound generator products. Both of these hearing instrument lines, as well as Alera, Vea and existing Verso products can … Continue reading

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Induction Loops – Pros & Cons

Dr. Tao Cui, Au.D., recently addressed a question on Audiology Online about the pros and cons of using induction loops versus digital wireless technology. Telecoils have been used for a long time and are commonly used for telephones as well … Continue reading

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Moment Maker Grant Winner #3

Congratulations to Carolyn Terry from the Montgomery County Association for Hearing Impaired Children. The MCAHIC serves almost 400 deaf and hard-of-hearing students (preK-12) enrolled in the Montgomery County Public School system in Montgomery County, Maryland, and their families. Most of … Continue reading

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“WOW” Stories from the Pros

Every now and again, a hearing healthcare professional shares a patient story with us that makes us say “WOW!”  These are the stories that make hearing healthcare a truly amazing profession. “I recently had a patient whose car broke down … Continue reading

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6 Important Factors That Influence Battery Lifetime

It’s a popular talking point in our industry – how long will a hearing aid battery last?  And the answer is not a simple one. There are several factors that determine the life of a hearing aid battery.  Below we … Continue reading

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