Innovative Technology Meets Invisible Design: ReSound Verso IIC

The ReSound VersoTM family includes an Invisible-In-the-Canal (IIC) hearing instrument. This style provides increased cosmetics appeal for individuals who prefer a deep-fitting device. The new Verso IIC also offers reduced wind noise, preserved natural localization and easier use on the telephone. In addition, no special or excessively deep earmold impressions are required.

At the 2013 AudiologyNOW! conference Kim Moller, MA and Jill Mecklenburger, Au.D. described the benefits of a deeply fitted custom hearing instrument.

According to a study of “non-adopters” of hearing aids, 48% indicated that “stigma” contributed to their desire not to wear hearing aids. Below is a graph of the percent likelihood of adopting hearing aids within two years for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. Note that when the “stigma” factor is eliminated with a nearly invisible hearing aid, the likelihood of adoption is higher than other psychosocial factors.

Since offering an invisible device likely drives higher hearing aid adoption rates, ReSound created the Verso IIC. The Verso IIC offers cosmetic appeal without the hassle of taking deep impressions during a fitting. The Verso IIC actually requires a normal TruFit impression. 96% percent of patients meet the physical requirements and therefore no special tool is required.

VersollCOther benefits of the ReSound Verso IIC:
• Wind noise protection
• Better localization
• Easier phone use
• Surround Sound technology – Environmental Optimizer II Verso 910-C & Environmental Optimizer in the Verso 710-C

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  1. I own a resound 11c since 10-13-14. I’m happy with the product. I bought the aids from Charles Cameron Cape Coral. Now he is out of busyness.
    Where can I Filters and batteries.
    Alfred Eggler

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