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Tech Tip – Preparing for Noah 4

Did you know…HIMSA’s official support of Noah 3 will end on September 30, 2013. Our tech tip for this month helps you to prepare for the transition to NOAH 4. If you haven’t already thought about upgrading, or, perhaps, you … Continue reading

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Your Most Challenging Patient – The Musician?

By Steve Hallenbeck Over the past few months, I have worked with some musicians in field trials, remote fittings and with Resound customers.  As a musician, I found these fittings both challenging and rewarding.  One of the best things that … Continue reading

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Alejandra’s Story

Last week, we announced the 2nd winner of the ReSound Moment Maker Grant, Michael Mallahan.  His organization, Hearing the Children, has been helping children with hearing loss in Guatemala since 2003.  Here is the heart-warming story of Alejandra, just one … Continue reading

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21st Century Waves Using Induction and Antennas

An interesting and unexpected trend has occurred. Many assumed that telecoil (induction loop) utilization would decrease with the introduction of digital wireless hearing aids and accessories. However, installations for induction loops are at an all-time high in the United States. … Continue reading

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Announcing the 2nd Moment Maker Grant Winner!

We’re pleased to announce our 2nd Moment Maker Grant winner – Michael Mallahan from Hearing the Children.  Since 2003, Michael’s organization has been taking audiology teams to Guatemala twice a year. They serve children in seven different towns and have … Continue reading

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Running a Successful Tinnitus Clinic

Tinnitus affects approximately 15 percent of the population, and roughly 80 percent of tinnitus sufferers also have some treatable hearing loss. As hearing loss is increasingly identified and diagnosed, this trend is most likely to continue and grow, putting tinnitus … Continue reading

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Phone Solutions to Every Need: User benefit with different phone listening strategies

The phone is used as a means of communication for business, pleasure and for safety reasons. Lack of success with phone communication by patients is linked to a self-reported reduction in quality of life and reduced patient success with amplification. … Continue reading

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