Tech Tip – Aventa 3.4 Preferences

Aventa 3.4 offers many user and machine preferences, allowing customization of default settings. This month’s Tech Tip focuses on some options that can be setup to maximize ease and efficiency in hearing instrument fittings.

To get into the Preference screens, once in Aventa 3.4, navigate to, “Edit,” and select, “Preferences.”

Selecting Preferences

User Preferences allow you the flexibility to decide what screen the software defaults to when entering Aventa 3.4,  as well as customizing data displays and hearing instrument default settings. Once you have selected your preferences, choose, “Save.”

User Preferences

Machine Preferences allow you to select your default programming interface, as well as coupler, target rules, and experience levels.  Once you have selected your preferences, choose, “Save.”

Machine Preferences

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