Tech Tip – Verso™ Hearing Instrument D2D Highlights

Resound Verso™ wireless BTE and RIE instruments offer device-to-device (D2D) communication in both the 9 and 7 series. In addition to connectivity with the wireless Unite™ accessories, Verso™ products communicate with each other, allowing patients greater listening comfort and ease. Our current Tech Tip covers some highlights of Verso’s D2D features.

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Verso™ D2D Hearing Instruments and Technology

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  • 2.4 GHz Technology – This breakthrough technology allows Verso™ hearing instruments to not only communicate with Unite™ accessories, including the new Phone Clip+, but also to talk to each other and work together, using D2D.
  • Binaural Fusion™ – The combination of Binaural Directionality™, Binaural Environmental Optimizer II™ allows the hearing instruments to send packets of data and communicate together. They are not a mirror service- they are making decisions together, providing the most accurate sound picture possible.

Verso™ D2D Program Environments

Binaural Directionality™

  • Optimizes listening for the patient by altering directional arrays March Tech Tip 3Ain both hearing instruments depending on the environment. Directional patterns include:
    • Bilateral Omni-Directional
    • Bilateral Directional
    • Directional in one instrument/Omni-Directional in other  instrument (and Vice Versa)

Synchronized Softswitching

  • Verso hearing instruments exchange information about the March Tech Tip 3Benvironment and send information that is utilized to determine the best possible response for the listening environment, either directional or omnidirectional.

Additional Verso™ D2D Features

  • Binaural Environmental Optimizer II™
    Environmental Optimizer Gain and Noise Tracker II™ work together binaurally to analyze and classify listening environments, automatically adjusting the volume of the hearing instruments, and reducing gain in multiple settings.
  • Synchronized Push Button and Synchronized Volume Control
    Allows for ease of program and volume control changes. Changes made to one instruments will occur in the other.
  • Phone Now™ and Comfort Phone™
    When Phone Now is engaged in one hearing instrument, gain in the other instrument is reduced to allow patients to more easily focus on their phone conversation, while still monitoring their environment.

Verso™ D2D Options and Setup

  • Always On Features: These features may not be disabled, unless D2D is disabled.
    • Program Synchronization
    • Environmental Optimizer II™ (only available in Verso™ 9 products)
  • Available Features: These features may be enabled or disabled.
    • Binaural Directionality™ (only available in Verso 9™ products)
    • Volume Synchronization
    • Synchronized Softswitching
    • Comfort Phone
  • Verso™ 62 RIE Multi-Function Setup
    For D2D to be active, the Multi-Function button setup, in Aventa 3, must have the same configuration for both hearing instruments and also must include an assignment for the program change option.

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