Reactions to the Unite Phone Clip+

Since the launch of the Unite Phone Clip+ and Control app in January, we’ve been receiving some great feedback from audiologists, dispensers and end-users.

Phone Clip + Control“I have had such a positive response from the 5-6 folks I’ve fit with this thing!!!  Most of them love being able to stream music/radio from their phones in a hands free manner and think the sound quality is excellent.  For the former phone clip users, the difference in sound quality is amazing. The added bonus of using it as a remote as well is pretty darn spiffy too.  For a few of my techies, they are fascinated with the iphone app and like the ease of use in addition to the visual VC. Once again, ReSound rocks!!!!”
Jane Watson, Audicles

“The new phone clip is significantly better than the original. Really like night and day. Also it’s great that they merged the functions of the remote control into the phone clip, so it’s one unit. We’ve set mine up to auto mute external room sound when it goes into phone mode, and that ability alone makes a huge difference.”
Kenny Schiff, Patient

“I’ve had the new phone clip+ for about two weeks. The individuals I call report that the sound clarity is much better than the previous model. So, that is wonderful as I use the clip for business calls!  The app is nice since I don’t have to carry the separate remote control.”
Richard Podemski, Patient

“It’s been a full weekend, but I finally just had time to sync the new phone clip and it works PERFECTLY with the iphone app. My remote is now redundant. One less piece of plastic I have to carry around!”
K, Patient

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6 thoughts on “Reactions to the Unite Phone Clip+”

  1. So, it comes with a lanyard, but I can’t find any information on how to attach the Lanyard to it. Looking over the Unite Phone Clip+, I don’t see anywhere to attach the lanyard. There is no information in the manual that came with it. Nothing on ReSound’s web site.

    1. Hi Damocles, the Phone Clip+ can be clipped onto the lanyard similarly to how it would clip on your shirt. Please let us know if you’d like us to send you photos if you are still having issues.

  2. i bought the phone clip+ after having many issues with the direct connect feature of my Linx2. The clip seems to be a better option for me.
    I am having an issue when I go to change the program (I have two programs set up for my hearing aids). It tells me that I can not change it during active phone operation.
    I am not on the phone, and have turned OFF sounds for all of the apps on my phone.
    What is the solution to this problem.
    Opening and resetting the hearing aids seems to defeat the purpose of having the clip and being able to use the App.

    1. Hi Debby, Thanks for writing on our blog. Most likely there is an app running on your phone that is holding the audio output of the phone which enables “Phone” mode on the Phone Clip+. Close all your open apps by double-clicking your home button and swiping up on all your open apps. Here is a video demonstrating this process: Contact our consumer support team at or 1-888-735-4327.

  3. Hi,

    I have just purchased the phone clip+ to use with my phone but I have to say that the sound quality is appalling. There is no low frequency sound and what sound I do receive is worse than T-toil.

    In effect I have just spent a large some of money for a volume control that should be accessible directly from the hearing aids (the volume control on the I-fit CS61W aids can only be adjusted via phone clip).

    Did I set my standards too high expecting that the phone clip+ would make my telephone sound similar to any other Bluetooth headset / device?


    1. Hi Mark, we recommend visiting your Hearing Care Professional and having them adjust the bass and treble levels in that Phone Clip+ streaming program in your hearing aids. Often times to compensate for a high frequency hearing loss, those tones are emphasized. Additionally, the bass tones can easily escape the ear with an open fit that is optimized for hearing speech. This can cause the streaming audio to sound differently than expected. If you have further questions, please feel free to call our Consumer Technical Support team at 1-888-735-4327 and choose option 1 or email them at

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