Check All The Boxes With Verso

TStenderBy Tammara Stender

When it comes to choosing a hearing aid, the requirements are plenty and the demands are high.  As a hearing care professional, how often have you heard the following from a patient?

“Can you fit me with a high-performing hearing device that fits so discreetly into my ear that it is not seen by others? I want to be able to wear it at work, on the phone, while shopping, during parties, at home, and while I work out at the gym and bicycle outside. I need to be able to determine the location of cars approaching from different directions while I’m biking. It needs to be durable enough that I won’t have to worry about it getting a little wet when it’s raining or snowing outside. I don’t want to fiddle with it; like my contact lenses, I want to put it on in the morning and go about my day. And I want it to last for years.”

versoWhen your patients ask for a high performing, discreet device that is fiddle-free, you can now answer, “no problem”.  With ReSound Verso, you can check all the boxes.

  • The Verso Invisible-In-the-Canal device is small and discreet. Check.

  • It provides seamless noise reduction for steady-state and multi-talker babble noise sources, even as the listening environment changes throughout the user’s day. Check.

  • Environmental Optimizer II classifies the user’s listening situations and applies specific, automatic adjustments to the gain and noise reduction levels in each situation, alleviating the need for user controls. Fiddle-free.  Check.

  • Phone use is made more natural, as many users of Verso IIC can hold the phone directly to their ear due to the effectiveness of DFS Ultra II. Check.

  • Battery life is improved compared to other small custom (CIC) devices. Check.

  • Wind noise is greatly reduced with this hearing instrument style, making bicycling and other outdoor activities much more enjoyable. Check.

  • Verso is entirely protected against moisture and debris by iSolate nanotech coating. The deleterious effects of water or other liquids are no longer a problem, and by extension, the devices may enjoy a longer life without repairs. As for durability…Check.

In addition, the hearing professional does not need to sweat the impression taking procedure, as no special or excessively deep impression is required for the Verso IIC. When both the patient and the professional can be happy, it is not hard to believe that good things do come in small (that is, Verso IIC) packages.

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