Putting the Patient in the Driver’s Seat

TStenderTammara Stender, Senior Audiologist for ReSound, contributed an article on the convergence of natural processing and technology to the January issue of the Hearing Review. This article talks about progress made in the industry in terms of ReSound Verso supporting natural human auditory processing abilities and the Binaural Fusion strategy.

The Binaural Fusion strategy can be compared to a typical driving experience. Drivers tend to prioritize the view from the windshield as generally the most salient, to avoid collisions.  However, it behooves drivers to monitor the rear- and side-view mirrors to be aware of other surrounding drivers not necessarily in their direct line of sight.  With Binaural Fusion, the view from the windshield (analogous to the loudest speech signal) is still prioritized and optimized for the best speech intelligibility.  However, the option to glance in the rear- and side-view mirrors (akin to other surrounding sounds) is maintained. Binaural Fusion analyzes inputs from both ears to derive the binaural response, enabling the user to enjoy improved speech discrimination in noise in conjunction with better listening ease and monitoring abilities for surrounding sounds – in a single hearing instrument program. As a driver instinctively prioritizes the front view while keeping an eye on the surroundings, Binaural Fusion promotes more natural, instinctual listening abilities in complex and noisy environments.

Read about ReSound’s use of Binaural Fusion in Verso and how 2.4 GHz device-to-device wireless communication is delivering better hearing to users in Stender’s full article in the Hearing Review.


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