10 Years Old and Wearing Verso

Emily BeanEmily Bean is 10 years old and she has a hearing loss. She was first diagnosed with mild sloping to moderate cookie bite hearing loss in May 2012.  By November 2012, her repeat audio decreased by 5%.

Not only was she struggling to hear her teacher at school, but she was finding it difficult to keep up with her active lifestyle in gymnastics and motocross.  “I get yelled at a LOT!” she said. “My gymnastics coach told my Mom that he did not care if I was having trouble hearing!”motocross

When Emily’s audiologist, Aurora Phelps at Middle TN Ear Nose and Throat, told us about Emily just before Christmas, we decided to donate a pair of Verso 967 hearing aids, along with the Unite Remote Control, Mini Microphone and Phone Clip.

“Her mother cried on the phone when I gave her the news,” said Phelps.

This is Emily and her Mom. After both devices programmed, Emily looked at her Mom and said, “I can hear myself whisper!”

After the holidays, Emily Emily Beancame in for a follow-up visit and told her audiologist about how much she is enjoying her new hearing aids: “My cousins were playing and I actually understood everything they were talking about.  I can’t wait for school!”

“Do you think I will have to take out my hearing aids when I change classes or when the bell rings?  It is really loud!” she said. “I can’t wait to let my teachers try out the new microphone.  Over the holiday my Mom and my sisters had me watch TV and do stuff around the house while they had on the mic.  It was really cool.”

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