From Austria With Love

ReSound recently conducted some Verso training in Austria.  Below are some of the comments made by attendees:

“It seems that there is no way around ReSound anymore. The sound-demonstration was very impressive and I will try out your CIC devices as soon as possible.”

“The acceptance and the feedback of my customers is really great. A big step forward compared to Alera.”

“Could you come to my store and fit me two Verso’s? I waited for that binaural functionality with the Alera quality.”

“This music mode has convinced me. That’s a clear argument for ReSound devices.”

“I want to switch from Oticon to ReSound because of the better service and trainings of ReSound.”

“I like the new DFS with the music mode and I will try Verso.”

“I liked to see that your new S-receiver is much smaller and compatible to the normal domes. That makes it possible for us to try out Verso.”

“It’s very good that you have this E to E functionality as well. My customer likes that they can manipulate the devices with just one push. I will try Verso for sure.”

“It sounds very good. The binaural fusion demo was impressive. I will talk to my team to take Verso into our assortment.”

“Cool demonstrations! I will test Verso.”

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