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Hearing Aid Returns

The cover story in January’s Hearing Journal was “Patient Satisfaction Crucial to Shrinking Hearing Aid Returns,” an article that examines the factors contributing to returns.  Writer, Susan Fitzgerald, says,”Patients are less likely to be dissatisfied with a hearing aid purchase … Continue reading

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Phone Clip+ Buzz from the Blogosphere

Since we announced the release of the Unite Phone Clip+ and Control application earlier this month, a number of bloggers have been providing their thoughts and experiences. Dr. Kristin at Hearing Revolution says, “Kudos to ReSound for taking a step … Continue reading

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Audiologists Speak – How to Differentiate Yourself in a Competitive Market

Ryan Baker is an Audiologist at Audiology by Accent in Gainesville, Florida. In May of 2012, Audiology by Accent unbundled services and hearing instruments. “We made the decision to distinguish our practice in an increasingly competitive market and to highlight … Continue reading

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10 Years Old and Wearing Verso

Emily Bean is 10 years old and she has a hearing loss. She was first diagnosed with mild sloping to moderate cookie bite hearing loss in May 2012.  By November 2012, her repeat audio decreased by 5%. Not only was … Continue reading

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Tech Tip – Aventa 3.4 Microphone Balance

ReSound’s microphone balance slider option allows flexibility in programming, providing adjustability of the hearing instrument microphone and streaming content, for increased patient comfort. Verso™ Wireless Product Offers two separate microphone slider options, accessed in the Advanced Features screen:   One for … Continue reading

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Phone Clip+ Improves On Sound Quality

By Jennifer Groth Caller: “Hi honey, I just wanted to let you know I’m running a little late.” Call recipient: “What? I can hardly hear you! Are you at a party or something?” If you were to guess which one … Continue reading

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Components of an Effective Referral Program

To get maximum benefit out of a referral program, you need to understand how to use each marketing piece. Sample Piece 1: Business Card Sized Referral Cards Two or three referral cards are filled out by appointed office personnel with … Continue reading

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Control Your Hearing Aids With Your iPhone®

Hearing aids are going mainstream. ReSound® is changing the way we think about hearing aids. The ReSound Unite® Phone Clip+, the hearing aid industry’s first Made for iPhone accessory, is a new addition to the ReSound wireless hearing system.  It … Continue reading

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Audiologists Speak – Thoughts on Verso

Last week, we received this email from Melissa Carnes, AuD, at Nardelli Audiology, sharing her thoughts and experiences fitting Verso.  Melissa’s comments reinforced again that Verso is a hit! Good Morning, I just thought I would share some of my … Continue reading

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Introducing the ReSound Unite® Phone Clip+

Made for iPhone®, the Phone Clip+ makes it even easier for your patients to go mobile! With an outstanding user interface and superior sound quality and hearing aid connection, the Phone Clip+ allows your patients easy, seamless phone conversations. A … Continue reading

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