Who Are Candidates for the Verso IIC?

When ReSound decided to create an invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) device, one of our goals was to offer a product that could fit more patients than comparable products on the market. Our field study conducted prior to launch indicated that the Verso IIC had a candidacy rate of 96%.

VersoIIC1010CThe Verso IIC is great for first-time users or experienced custom hearing instrument users with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss, up to about 75 dB.  “One of the things that we noted during the field trial was that the acceptance rate was pretty equal among people who were first-time users as well as current custom hearing instrument users,” said Jennifer Carlson, Commercial Product Manager.  “We really didn’t see any greater or less acceptance for one category or the other.  In terms of lifestyle, Verso is in the top and plus segment, so it provides the very best technology available.”

“As for comfort, we design Verso with 3D technology that utilizes software to stimulate the ear geometry and how the device will fit,” said Vince Maye, Director of Custom Operations.  “It also allows us to observe the retention features so we can determine ease of insertion and removal, comfort and ensure the device stays in place.  These are important issues in any fitting, and some of the reasons why it’s key to get a proper impression.”

“The two most important things we learned and validated through the field trials were – first, that there’s no special impression that’s required as long as they use the 16/4 rule to take the impression, and second that the product actually will fit around 96% of patients so no special candidacy or measuring tool is required,” said Brian Tsuchiya, Vice President of Operations.

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