Aventa 3.4 Will Always Use The Newest Audiogram

Aventa 3.4 will always use the newest audiogram. This may be either on the hearing instrument, or in Noah. If you want to use the audiogram in Noah, below are steps to update its date/time stamp, to ensure that Aventa recognizes it as the newest audiogram.

Launch the Noah Audiogram Module

  • Open Noah
  • Launch the Audiogram Module
  • Confirm that the audiogram data is what you would like to use for the fit.






Create a New Date/Time Stamp in Noah:

  • Click on any data point in the audiogram.
  • Select, “Yes-Create new action based on this one.”
  • Select, “OK.”
  • Do not make any data point changes
  • Select, “Save.”

Launch Aventa 3.4

  • When you are back in the session browser for your patient, you will see the new date/time stamp for the audiogram displayed.
  • Launch into Aventa 3.4.

Data and Audiogram Mismatch Options

  • Aventa 3.4 has identified and will now use the newest audiogram. You can confirm this by viewing, “Compare Audiograms.” Aventa will allow you to  choose your fitting options.

Proceed with the Fitting

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