ReSound Verso – A Technicolor Symphony

Blogger and Author, Shanna Groves, had been lipreading her children for years. Other hearing aids had not been able to address her progressive hearing loss, which worsened earlier this year.  She couldn’t hear her children unless they screamed at her; she couldn’t even hear her breath.

On October 22, Shanna was fit with new ReSound Verso hearing aids and Unite wireless accessories.  The change in her listening experience was instantaneous.  On the drive home from her audiology clinic, Shanna was able to have a conversation with her husband for the first time in 15 years.

“Hearing aids are a gift,” says Shanna. “Imagine hearing birds chirping for the first time, or a baby’s laugh, or a kitten purring. By placing hearing technology in my ears, my whole world of listening goes from gray tones to a Technicolor symphony.”

The first thing that Shanna noticed about the Verso hearing aids was their fit. “They didn’t tug at my ears and make them sore like my first set of hearing aids had,” she says. “Today, I attended a women’s Bible study and, using the hearing aids and Mini-Microphone, I could understand the teacher’s message from the stage as she prayed…with my eyes closed.”

In a crowded restaurant, Shanna was able to have a conversation with her companion without constantly staring at her lips. She could even hear the sound of her cell phone vibrating downstairs while she folded clothes in her bedroom upstairs.

But, the most significant and heart-warming yet, this previously Lipreading Mom did not have to lipread her child while driving in the car.  Her daughter wore the Mini Microphone and Shanna was able to hear every word she said. “Thank you, ReSound, for allowing me to hear my kids”.

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3 Responses to ReSound Verso – A Technicolor Symphony

  1. Lisa Johnson says:

    This beautiful story touched my heart and strengthened my belief that there is always hope. Sometimes God might be taking the long road around. Believe…

  2. sgrovesuss says:

    Lisa – Thank you for the nice comment. I do believe in miracles, and this technology has been a miracle for my family. Blessings to you. -Shanna

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