Hearing Awareness Holiday Gift Guide

There’s nothing quite like hearing loss to put a damper on the holiday spirit. Hearing Health Magazine just published a Holiday Gift Guide featuring products that show sensitivity and awareness about hearing loss.

The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone was featured in this guide, along with other products both fun and serious.


  • Removable hearing aid for American Girl Dolls
  • Auditory training games like “Bop It”
  • Toys R Us “Differently Abled Toy Guide” – a resource for people who care for kids with special needs


  • “Goodbye Tchaikovsky” by Michael Thal
  • “Healing at the Speed of Sound” by Don Campbell and Alex Doman
  • “Hear Your Life” by Melissa K. Rodriguez
  • “Let’s Hear It For Almigal” by Wendy Kupfer
  • “Turning a Deaf Ear” by Allyson Raphel

Check out the full Holiday Gift Guide.

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