“ReSound Verso Has Restored My Hearing”

Frank Loyke has worn hearing aids for more than 20 years.  He works in a busy convention center and often has trouble hearing properly in background noise. Frank recently attended one of our Verso roadshows with his audiologist, Scott McWilliams of Hearing Solutions. During the roadshow, Frank was able to test drive the new ReSound Verso hearing aid.

“I could immediately tell a difference,” he says, “the speaker’s voice became so crisp clear and the syllables were so easy to understand. It wasn’t a struggle to hear and, believe me, that was surprising, because I usually struggle in classroom settings.”

Frank found that he could hear the conversation behind him and not only that, he could clearly distinguish the voices. “I had a hearing moment that I’ve never had before.  I felt like I was gifted.  I always prayed that I would have my hearing restored and I feel like I have found that with ReSound Verso.”

When Frank came home after the roadshow, he started reviewing the Verso brochure and sent us an email quoting from the Product Overview. “I am so impressed that my interpretation and the ReSound Verso statements are almost identical!”

Providing the patient with the most effortless listening experience possible.  ReSound Verso’s directional microphone steering strategy empowers the patient to hear every sound, while allowing them to focus their attention on the sounds and speech they want to list to.

“It’s like a dream,” he says, “Thank you for such a generous gift.”


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