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Momentum for unique custom offerings from ReSound

By Jennifer Groth Approximately 70% of hearing instruments sold in the US are BTEs, and a high proportion of these are open fit RIE or mini BTE fit with thin tubes. This is a complete reversal of the distribution between … Continue reading

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Verso Flight Mode Update

The flight mode functionality was changed from Alera to Verso to prevent patients from accidentally placing the instrument in flight mode. These instructions will help provide additional detail about getting Verso instruments out of flight mode. Updated User Guide instructions … Continue reading

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Aventa 3.4 Will Always Use The Newest Audiogram

Aventa 3.4 will always use the newest audiogram. This may be either on the hearing instrument, or in Noah. If you want to use the audiogram in Noah, below are steps to update its date/time stamp, to ensure that Aventa … Continue reading

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Receiver and Domes FAQ

Can the new S and HP2 receivers be used on Alera RIEs? Although ReSound Alera was not designed to use the new S receiver and HP2 receiver, we recognize that professionals will still try to fit these new receivers on … Continue reading

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ReSound Verso – A Technicolor Symphony

Blogger and Author, Shanna Groves, had been lipreading her children for years. Other hearing aids had not been able to address her progressive hearing loss, which worsened earlier this year.  She couldn’t hear her children unless they screamed at her; … Continue reading

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Cost Effective Priorities for a Practice

For a young hearing practice, marketing costs can be overwhelming but necessary.  Here are our tips for prioritizing marketing activities to get the most impact for your money.  Our approach is to go for the “low-hanging fruit” first. 1st Priorities … Continue reading

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So, What Took You So Long?

It was during a hotel stay that Judy Smith realized that she was hearing impaired.  She picked up the phone in her hotel room and buzzed the front desk.  “There were tiny scratchy-sounding noises on the other end but no … Continue reading

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Marketing Advice from Practice Owners

For the private practice owner, there’s no doubt that marketing is both a driver and a barrier to business growth. For young businesses, implementing a marketing plan is crucial for success, but many business owners simply don’t have the time … Continue reading

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Hearing Awareness Holiday Gift Guide

There’s nothing quite like hearing loss to put a damper on the holiday spirit. Hearing Health Magazine just published a Holiday Gift Guide featuring products that show sensitivity and awareness about hearing loss. The ReSound Unite Mini Microphone was featured … Continue reading

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Evolving Our Thinking About Wireless Hearing Aids

By Tammara Stender and Jennifer Groth A new trend is affecting the hearing aid market. This trend builds on the application of wireless connectivity between hearing aids and external sound sources, such as televisions, PCs, MP3 players and phones. Wireless … Continue reading

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