ReSound Verso Debuts a Meaningful Way for Using Device-to-Device Communication

Tammara Stender, Au.D., GN ReSoundBy Tammy Stender

Hearing instruments that send information from one to the other have been available for many years. At first, this communication ability was used only for the convenience of changing volume or programs on both instruments simultaneously. Later, features appeared that were intended to preserve localization, enhance feedback cancellation performance, or focus on speech in the environment. The ReSound Verso is the first hearing instrument with digital wireless communication to support true binaural processing. This means that the information exchanged between the two hearing instruments is used to ensure that the most favorable microphone mode is chosen for any listening situation, and that automatic volume and NoiseTracker II settings are synchronized for a natural, holistic sound experience. It makes no assumptions about the user wants to hear, but ensures the necessary audibility and a favorable signal-to-noise ratio for the user to take advantage of. In contrast, other hearing instrument systems use their device-to-device communication to make decisions on behalf of the user about the desired sound, and deliberately create asymmetric settings that sound unbalanced and distracting.

ReSound Verso carries out Binaural Fusion with two key technologies:  Binaural Directionality, which picks the best directional response depending on the listening environment so that the user can hear and understand any signal of interest in their soundscape; and Binaural Environmental Optimizer II, which seamlessly optimizes gain and noise reduction settings for both instruments with a coordinated approach. Binaural Fusion enables the hearing instruments to work as one system to empower the user to react, respond and engage instinctively. Read more about Binaural Fusion on the Hearing Journal R&D Blog.

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