Introducing ReSound Verso

ReSound is pleased to announce the launch of ReSound VersoTM, a flexible new hearing aid that delivers a more natural listening experience via Binaural Processing – a feature that allows the hearing instruments to work together while you choose what sounds you want to focus on.

ReSound VersoOperating on the same 2.4 GHz platform as the award-winning ReSound Alera® hearing aid, Verso offers advanced feedback management, which means that users will encounter less feedback without compromising sound quality or volume. Verso makes two hearing instruments work as one system.  This synchronization delivers outstanding speech understanding in noise and provides the most natural sound experience of any other ReSound instrument.

Verso is extremely easy for patients to use. When changing programs or volume in one hearing instrument, the same changes are automatically made to the second instrument. Comfort Phone™ detects when the phone has been placed next to one hearing instrument and reduces the gain in the other instrument, allowing patients to focus more easily on—and listen more comfortably to—their phone conversations.

For hearing professionals and dispensers, Verso offers ease of fitting with wireless programming, Auto DFS for feedback-free fittings and In-Situ Audiometry.

ReSound Verso is available in a full lineup of models, styles and colors – from a new ultra-cosmetic IIC to a top performing high power BTE.

ReSound Verso Line-up


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12 thoughts on “Introducing ReSound Verso”

  1. Dear Sir, Myself, umesh singh kathait, is hard of hearing. Sometime my speech is not clear due to hearing problem. I have been working in pharma industries for the last 6 years and i didnt revealed my hearing problem to anyone in the company and also i never let it noticed by anyone. Is there any hearing aid which is very small in size and that can be fitted into the ear (i.e, that should not be visible to anyone). If it is available let me know its cost? FYI, i have mild hearing problem. PL REPLY

    1. Thanks so much for your inquiry. Yes, we offer several size options. Where are you located? Price really depends on your location and hearing care provider. If you let us know where you’re based, we can refer you to a hearing care provider in your area who can help you with the best fit and answer your cost questions.

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    1. Yes, in most cases, Comfort Phone (which works via PhoneNow) requires a magnet affixed to the phone for the field to be large enough for the feature to detect the phone’s presence. It is designed mostly for landline phones. We’ve had people in trials put magnets on their cell phones with limited success.

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  5. Does the Verso work with cell phones now? Via the accessories? Can I plug the mini mic into my iPhone as I would an iPod and have ti stream directly to my hearings aids?

    1. Yes, you can use Verso or Alera devices with the Unite Phone Clip+ to stream the phone conversation as well as music (audio) directly to the hearing aids. You can also plug the Mini Mic into the iPhone and stream it to the hearing aids, although you will only get stereo quality with the Phone Clip+ (or Phone Clip), not the Mini Mic. (The Unite TV Streamers also stream in stereo.)

  6. May I know if verso 960 are still available for sale? My wife has lost one and wants to replace it or buy a pair, used or brand new. Many thx indeed

    1. Hello and thank you for reaching out. We no longer sell Verso hearing aids, but we have upgraded our technology in many other hearing aid forms. Please reach out to your hearing care professional for the most up to date information regarding our products, or visit our website at

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