Tech Tip – Connecting VEA™ BTE Instruments in Aventa 3

ReSound’s Vea™ offers an easy to fit, durable, fitting solution. The hearing instruments are protected with Isolate™ nanotech, offer advanced features options, and are available in two price points. Vea™ hearing instruments are connected in Aventa 3 using programming cables and the Programming Adaptor II boot.

Here are a couple of tips, when connecting the Vea™ BTE Instruments

  • Confirm that you are in Aventa 3.3 or later.
  • Insert fresh batteries into the Vea™ BTE hearing instruments
  • Be sure that you are using a CS 44 cable and the Programming Adaptor II boot.Note: The Programming Adaptor II boot is NOT the same as the Programming Adaptor I boot (used to program Alera and some Legacy BTE instruments).

    Keys to identify the Programming Adaptor II boot
    –  The words, “Programming Adaptor II,” are written on the boot.
    –  The boot is medium blonde versus the Programming Adaptor I boot, which is charcoal.

  • Revealing Vea™ programming contacts
    –  Look at the underside of the Vea™ hearing instrument for a small panel with the serial number displayed.
    –  Using a pin tool, gently insert the tool in the circular indentation located near the top of the panel and slide the panel completely down.Note: the panel must be all the way down in order for the Programming Adpator II boot to properly attach.
  • Connecting the programming boot to the Vea™ BTE
    –  Beginning on the underside of the BTE, insert the Programming Adaptor II boot at an angle, then rotate the boot towards the bottom of the aid and snap in place.
    –  Connect the CS 44 cable to the Programming Adaptor II boot and connect the other end of the cable to either Speedlink, NOAHLink, or Hi-Pro
    –  When programming is completed and the Programming Adaptor II boot is removed, use the pin tool to slide the Vea™ program panel back up and lock into place.

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