ReSound Helps Award Help America Hear Scholarship

ReSound has been actively involved with Help America Hear for some time now, as the sole provider of hearing aids to the program. We were recently asked to help award two scholarships by judging essays submitted by hearing impaired students.  The winning students each received a $500 scholarship to be applied to the college of their choice, in addition to two state-of-the-art ReSound hearing aids.

Hearing impaired students were invited to submit essays about the experiences and challenges they face in all phases of life due to their hearing impairment. The two scholarships were awarded to the students that best exemplified the ideas of reaching their full potential, while dealing with the daily challenges of hearing loss.

The winning essays were written by:

  • Dylan Veik
  • Zoe Kress

Over the next week, we will be posting the winning essays on the ReSound blog.

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