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BClearPath iPad Appack in March, ReSound launched its very first iPad application, ClearPath, which is designed to help audiologists and dispensers in the patient counseling process.  The free app helps show patients how an investment in top-level technology will deliver the listening experience that is most important to them.

Since the launch of ClearPath, we’ve received a lot of positive feedback about its uses and benefits. In a recent survey, 92.9% of hearing professionals responded that ClearPath had helped them sell more hearing aids.

Below are some of the comments we received from audiologists and dispensers.

In what ways has ClearPath changed to how you sell hearing instruments or counseled patients?

  • “ClearPath definitely gave the patient something to look at, as well as something to physically participate in. At times, just asking a person about their listening difficulties, etc, can be a struggle, as they can’t come up with many, or they are unsure and sometimes the professional can feel like they are feeding the patient answers. ClearPath allows the patient to almost take control and define their difficulties.”
  • “The benefit of ClearPath was that it provides more of a scientific formula as to which level of technology is best for the patient. I believe that some patients just have a need for proof of what technology they need, rather than just taking my word for it.”

Describe how well the ClearPath App supports your counseling style?

  • “It provides a visual means to counsel the patient, which in many cases is a plus. It also assists in keeping me on track during the counseling session.”
  • “It involves participation from the patient and that speeds up the process of establishing rapport and trust.”
  • “I counsel differently with different patients, so the app allows me to adjust and modify how I proceed accordingly. I was able to use the app considerably with some, and pick out what was beneficial with the app for others.”

Are there any particular features/sections of ClearPath that you especially like or find valuable?

  • “I like the product specific counseling. Easier to use than trying to explain via brochure or verbally.”
  • “I like being able to send a recap of what we talked about. I don’t always like sending an audiogram that they can take to competitors to shop around.”
  • “I liked the audiogram and physically being able to add things in there for people to see with their loss. I liked being able to play them different scenarios at different loss levels – it helped them get an idea of how things actually do sound to them, and maybe significant others who don’t struggle quite as much.”
  • “I liked the assessment questions. I think it helped to get patients thinking about what is most important to them and where their hearing loss causes issues for them. The HL simulator was also a great tool for the family members present. I also loved the customized report. It was great take-home material that the patient could look over later if they chose not to purchase at the appointment.”

Download ClearPath
Download the ClearPath iPad application for free from the iTunes App Store.

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