Audiologists Speak – The Mini Mic Rocks!

Since the launch of the Unite Mini Microphone, we’ve heard nothing but good things from our customers about how it is helping to transform the lives of their patients.

Tricia Veik at Concept by IOWA Hearing AID Centers shared a few patient stories with us.

Patient #1
I have a gentleman with hearing loss who has been a snowbird for many years.  He has NEVER been able to have a conversation with his wife during the entire trip south, until NOW!  With the Mini Mic, she can look out of the car window and he hears everything she says. It has completely changed their road trip experience.

Patient #2
I have a patient who was fit by another provider. He has single sided deafness and was struggling with one instrument.  I introduced him to the Mini Mic, and his world opened up. We walked around the mall and I wore it while walking on the side of his ‘dead’ ear and while standing in front of him on an escalator.  The whole time making the people with normal hearing jealous that they don’t have one!  Bye bye cross aids!

Patient #3
I have a gentlemen on trial right now with severe to profound hearing loss.  As you know, fitting a severe to profound loss can be challenging. He went to Hickory Park with the intent of using the Mini Mic but left it at home.  He could still hear everything his wife said even without it at the most acoustical nightmarish of restaurants in Ames!  Just imagine how well the experience would have been with it.  I told him now he has to take her out again.  With the Mini Mic he can hear everything she says in the house.  He is taking it to his mom’s house tomorrow and showing it to her, hoping she will get new hearing aids.

Mandi Chambless of Estes Audiology in Georgetown, TX, has a patient who says that the Mini Mic completely changed his World.

We love to hear patient stories like these.  Please let us know about your patients’ success with the Mini Mic!

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