Unite Mini Mic – Motivation for “Learning French”

When it comes to new hearing technology, there’s often a barrier to adoption because it’s simply easier to stick with what you know.  Embracing new technologies and learning how to use the software is like learning a new language and requires time and effort.  If you already speak Spanish fluently, why should you take the time to learn French?  Wouldn’t it be better just to stick with Spanish?

At ReSound, we’ve started calling the Unite Mini Microphone our “Rosetta Stone”.  The feedback we have received from audiologists and dispensers (and their patients) has been so positive that we believe that the Mini Mic itself is an endorsement for “learning French”.

Dr. Gyl Kasewurm, owner of Professional Hearing Services, says that the Mini Mic has really made a difference in the lives of her patients.

Here are some the most unique ways we’ve heard of people using the Mini Mic:

“We have a few older ladies who all have Aleras and Mini Mics, and they play Bridge together at their retirement community. Every game or lunch they have, they all take out their respective Mini Mics and put them in the middle of the table. Another of their table mates didn’t have Aleras but she was so tickled by this that she wanted one for herself, and she called us to upgrade to Aleras so she could have “the little box to put on the table during Bridge.” We love telling that story to patients.”
The Hearing Center – Pensacola, FL

 “My wife is a Licensed Massage Therapist and recently discovered she has a moderate high frequency hearing loss. She has been talking about asking her patients if it is ok with them to clip the Mini Mic under the head rest of the massage table so she does not have a difficult time understanding them when they are facing their head to the floor.”
Alphonse Anthony Sasso, Regional Manager, ReSound

Usage Scenarios

  • Washing dishes while listening to the TV
  • At a piano recital (Mini Mic on the actual piano provides the best seat in the house!)
  • In the car with children in the back seat (Mini Mic clipped to the car seat)
  • At the gym (Mini Mic connect to iPod)
  • On a laptop using Skype (Mini Mic connected to laptop)
  • At church (Mini Mic sitting next to speaker on stage)
  • At a business meeting (Mini Mic on the table to better hear conversations)

For more information on the Unite Mini Microphone, visit gnresound.com/minimic

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